4 February 2021 – Coverage

From Hellas to the city with 1000 names...

With a country so rich in the maritime industry, Greece should be part of the AoB network. And as of now, that is the case! 

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27 January 2021 – Coverage

Merhaba Türkiye and hello Asia!

By setting foot ashore in Turkey, we are expanding our Always on Board coverage to a new continent: Asia! With a country that connects 4 seas and links Europe to Asia, Turkey is a major hub in freight. And really a “wanna-have” to be covered in our Always on Board network. So we did!

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11 January 2021 – Coverage

Bam! First milestone of 2021: Benvenuti a bordo di Italia!

One of our key objectives this year, more sharply defined: this quarter, is to complete the top 500 sea ports globally within our Always on Board coverage.

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30 December 2020 – Solution

2021 is all about expanding into the port ecosystem!

Digitalization within a complex world like that of the maritime industry is quite the challenge. There are many involved stakeholders all wanting to perform the best job they possibly can when it comes to handling a port call. 

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18 December 2020 – Our Journey

The making of Always on Board - Final: Ready for scaling

The last one of our ‘making of’ journey! This time about which insights from the pilot we have incorporated into the go-live version in order to optimize the experiences of the captains.

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10 December 2020 – Solution

The port call administration frustrations during a regular week

Three regular port visits results in over 6 hours of administration, 2,000+ fields to be completed divided into 13 documents and 23 tabs.

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1 December 2020 – Our Journey

The making of Always on Board - Part 3: Takeaways of the pilot.

Full of energy we started a new round of feedback, this time on our demo. Good for us! Captains and ship owners confirmed we were on the right track. Now the real IT-stuff could start: building the application!

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17 November 2020 – Our Journey

The making of Always on Board - Part 2: validation of the problem.

At diize we believe that only customer centric solutions succeed. This requires continuous validation.

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16 November 2020 – Coverage

On our map Europe is coloring yellow more and more!

While outside the ground is increasingly littered with discolored leaves, we are coloring our European network yellow at full speed!

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