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We simplify the maritime industry by putting the vessel back in center of our digital solutions.

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Always on Board

The solution that handles port call administration in less than 20 minutes.

Highly rated by captains worldwide.

Time saving

  • Reduces the administrative burden on board
  • Ensures efficient data flow during a port visit, 90% of all data elements will be reused
  • The port call administration up to 7.5 times faster

Easy to use

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Reuse and validation to minimize mistakes
  • Directly submitted to agency of your choice

Directly usable

  • Setup and configuration done by us
  • Get started after simple instructions
  • No special hardware or software needed

Low bandwidth compatibility

  • Very small network base load
  • Offline modus available

Growing network of available ports

Always on Board is available for port calls in a growing number of ports within Europe. New ports will be enabled every two weeks. You can also request new ports. Soon all top 500 ports worldwide will be available.

Overview of available ports

What our customers say


Christian Horsted

“It helps me save a lot time preparing port calls. Being on a chemical tanker in short sea trade with 2-3 port calls a week, Always on Board makes a huge difference. Fast and accurate support on top!’’

Captain, Arklow Beach

"Arrival, always lot(s) of paperwork to be done. This program saves (a lot of) time, especially in short sea trades."

Captain, Thun Gemini

Anatoly Fedotov

‘’The program helps us doing our port calls faster and easier than our previous system.’’

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