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Merhaba Türkiye and hello Asia!

27 January 2021 – Coverage

By setting foot ashore in Turkey, we are expanding our Always on Board coverage to a new continent: Asia! With a country that connects 4 seas and links Europe to Asia, Turkey is a major hub in freight. And really a “wanna-have” to be covered in our Always on Board network. So we did!

Last week we upgraded our Always on Board coverage by completing Turkey and adding all it’s 100+ ports to our coverage. Like all the different ports close to Istanbul's Bosporus Strait, such as the ports of Izmit, Yalova, Tutunciftlik and Tuzla. But also to name some other important ports of Turkey. Like the port of Aliaga, Ceyhan and Toros Gubre.

And especially for our captains (in secret code): with our Always on Board application, submit your port call administration in less than 20 minutes instead of hours of work. Now also available for all Turkish ports such as TRALI, TRIZT, TRCEY, TRVAL, TRTUT, TRTUZ, TRTGT. Coverage in over 2,800 ports across Europe and Asia. 

Right now the eAsiast way to handle your port call administration. Always on Board is directly usable, no special software or hardware is needed. Contact us for a free  trial or check our online demo.