Barge Arrival Services

Barge Arrival Services (BAS) is a cloud-based comprehensive enterprise SaaS platform designed to streamline vessel handling operations and maritime announcements at liquid bulk terminals. Whatever the digital maturity level at your tank terminal, BAS offers frictionless inland and seagoing vessel handling, superior security, and best-in-class customer service.

Intro to BAS

For inland liquid bulk terminals, Barge Arrival Services (BAS) provides a frictionless vessel handling platform between barge captain and the terminal. Unlike other current solutions, the BAS platform is suitable for terminals of any digital maturity level.

A turnkey solution, it’s modular, scalable, highly secure, strictly compliant, affordable, and robust. BAS allows terminal managers to pick, switch, add and optimize the vessel management module features that fit their needs. Operations and shift leaders use BAS to ensure operational excellence, top quality, strict compliance with regulations, fix problems, and streamline documentation.

Terminal customer service can tackle challenges better and faster with barge captains, reducing confusion, phone calls and paperwork errors.

BAS provides all its users with a robust, ready-to-use solution that ensures the highest level of data security and data privacy.

Inland and Sea-going Terminal Operators

If you are a tank terminal operator enforcing a strict data privacy and security policy on a group level, BAS offers several compelling reasons to consider.

Versatility & Adaptability

BAS is designed to accommodate terminals at all levels of digital maturity, offering unparalleled flexibility and adaptability. With its API-readiness, BAS seamlessly integrates with your current in-house and third-party systems. Say goodbye to complicated end-point solutions and challenging change management processes. Let BAS meet you at your current stage and evolve alongside your terminal's needs.

Robust Data Privacy and Security

BAS protects your sensitive data with industry-leading security measures, including Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and multi-tenancy. By taking these measures, you ensure that you remain in control and ownership of your tank terminal operations and data.


BAS is designed to be significantly cheaper and safer than alternatives, ensuring cost savings across the short, medium, and long terms without compromising on quality or security. With its advanced integration capabilities and easily accessible plug-ins like Digital ISGOTT v6 or Jetty Planner, both powered by Smartflow, your IT investments can prioritize valuable features that truly enhance your operations.

Tailored Solutions

BAS prioritizes user feedback and industry insights, ensuring that your solution is tailored to address the unique challenges and requirements of your operators, both now and in the future.

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In ARA and Germany, we provide a comprehensive, streamlined 60-day implementation plan with numerous slots still available throughout 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Satisfaction

BAS received top customer satisfaction scores because of its user-friendly interface, data input flow methodology, reduced administrative burden, intuitive design, and safety features.

Operational Efficiency

BAS addresses the lack of clarity in actions and arrival times, streamlining processes, and enhancing operational efficiency, ensuring transparency at every stage of your operation.

Continuous Improvement & Automated Compliancy

BAS includes new features and updates in its pricing, ensuring regulatory compliance and alignment with industry standards like ISGOTT, ADN and more to meet evolving needs. This "out-of-the-box legal compliance" guarantees that your operations remain up-to-date with the latest regulations and standards, minimizing the risk of fines or downtime.


Launching BAS in 60 days

A 60-day implementation timeline is in place for the ARA region for 2024 with multiple implementation windows open.

Get in touch with our team today and we will get back to you within one business day to schedule your first consultation and demonstration.

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Pricing model

BAS is a modular Software as a Service (SaaS) product that can be tailored to suit any level of digital maturity. With BAS, you pay an annual license fee per terminal, along with the specific service package you require. Our pricing is transparent, with no hidden fees.

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