BAS is officially launched by Royal Vopak N.V.

Diize's newest flagship product, "Barge Arrival Services” (BAS), was officially presented at the Europort 2023 Maritime Exhibition in Rotterdam, NL, on the 9th of November 2023. A strategic customer and investor of Diize, Royal Vopak NV, is launching BAS at several key ARA locations in late 2023 and early 2024. BAS was chosen by Vopak due to its strategic improvements in operational efficiency, modularity, superior data privacy and security.

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BAS. The new standard of operational excellence at an unbeatable price

For inland liquid bulk terminals, BAS provides a frictionless vessel handling platform between barge captain and the terminal. Unlike other current solutions, the BAS platform is suitable for terminals of any digital maturity level.

A turnkey solution, it’s modular, scalable, highly secure, strictly compliant, affordable, and robust.BAS allows terminal managers to pick, switch, add and optimize the vessel management module features that fit your needs. Operations, shift leaders, and customer service professionals can ensure operational excellence, top quality, strict compliance with regulations, fix problems, and streamline documentation.

Terminal customer service can tackle challenges better and faster with barge captains, reducing confusion, phone calls and paperwork errors.

BAS provides all its users with a robust, ready-to-use solution that ensures the highest level of data security and data privacy.

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