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2021 is all about expanding into the port ecosystem!

30 December 2020 – Solution

Digitalization within a complex world like that of the maritime industry is quite the challenge. There are many involved stakeholders all wanting to perform the best job they possibly can when it comes to handling a port call. 

Offering a simple digital ISGOTT solution soon!

What we see around us are many different local initiatives all digitizing and optimizing parts of the chain. Everyone wants to play a role, but many forget to look after the horizon. Is your digital solution really benefiting the greater picture? Are you really adding value over the entire chain? We believe that this is the toughest challenge when it comes to digitalization. But it should be the question you go to bed with, and wake up with when you enter this area. 

The way we see it is that when digitizing the administrative process of a port call, the vessel should be put back in center. The vessel being the leading entity for this entire process and also the biggest data generator for handling of a port call. We thus started with really unburdening the captain with Always on Board. The focus in 2020 has been on reducing its workload in the pre-arrival phase. For 2021, we want to optimize the pre-arrival administration even further by also targeting the administrative processes during the port call (after arrival). After all, these processes and underlying data needs all relate to one another. We do so by opening up the actual vessel data generated in Always on Board for surveyors, terminals, and other port operation stakeholders. 

We further simplify this process by starting with on-boarding the terminals. We are currently, in cooperation with Smartflow, working on a simple digital module/solution supporting the new digital ISGOTT v6. By adding this module to Always on Board we will:

  • Further optimize the pre-arrival process by opening up actual vessel data for the terminals 
  • Offer an easy to use application for terminals and captains to jointly fill out the digital ISGOTT v6 checklist

Our goal is to digitize the bare minimum necessary to achieve port call optimization for all stakeholders involved. Meaning that we only enable you to share the data that is necessary to proceed operations. After all, we are talking about sensitive data which belongs to the charterers - our joint customers - so we should handle this with care. For all terminals that are interested to hear more about how this can work for you - please reach out to us via