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The making of Always on Board - Part 3: Takeaways of the pilot.

1 December 2020 – Our Journey

Full of energy we started a new round of feedback, this time on our demo. Good for us! Captains and ship owners confirmed we were on the right track. Now the real IT-stuff could start: building the application!

So we set together with our development team and took them along our story and findings. And after a few months of sweating, the team delivered the pilot application. Ready for testing with our customers!

Credits photo: Master Mariner Paul de Ridder

What was memorable during the pilot was the close involvement of one particular captain. He was extremely focused on reporting as many bugs as possible, which made us think that he was very sceptic on the solution. But it turned out that he was very enthusiastic. He was motivated to get the application 100% bug free to use it in future

Credits photo: Master Mariner Paul de Ridder

Our first goal of the pilot was to identify bugs and hick ups. And second, measure the performance on our success criteria. On forehand we defined KPI’s and its thresholds, like the usability, % time savings and satisfaction. Of course, we had some bugs to fix, but in general the first version of Always on Board was performing really well. 

Stay tuned and don’t miss out on our last post of our journey in the coming week!