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The making of Always on Board - Part 2: validation of the problem.

17 November 2020 – Our Journey

At diize we believe that only customer centric solutions succeed. This requires continuous validation.

First, you really have to dive in the real problem and needs, before crafting a solution. To do so, it’s key to be in direct contact with captains. But second, ship owners & fleet managers should also feel a sense of urgency.

Aware of the administrative frustrations on board

During interviews ship owners and fleet managers underlined the importance and would definitely support such an initiative to simplify administration on board. To be successful, they pointed out that the solution should meet the industry standards. It should function with a low bandwidth functionality for example. And the most important message was: “Keep it simple and easy to use.”

Based on the enthusiastic response, we continued our mission. To truly understand the requirements, we dived into the port call processes, joined captains on board and defined which info is needed at what time. Which resulted in a clickable demo to be validated. 

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