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Our journey: the making of Always on Board

5 November 2020 – Coverage

The easiest way to process pre-arrival administration. Join us in our journey ‘The making of’.

In several posts we take you along the stages of creating a solution for simplifying the port call administration of captains. This journey resulted in the launch of Always on Board. Based on the results, we believe it is the most easy way to process pre-arrival administration from now on.

A captain's life: astonishing views versus administrative nightmares 

Imagine you are a captain (and maybe you are!), your ship is your second home and you are travelling all the time along different ports. The best part of arriving at a new port is the astonishing views you have! But before and after, the administrative burden can be a nightmare. In average a captain spends 2.5 hours on the pre-arrival administration only. And the worst: different ports, different systems and formats to deal with, but all the same information to submit. A solution to this struggle could really be more than a timesaver for captains. 

Stay tuned and don’t miss out on our journey in the coming weeks!