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Foot ashore in 25 countries!

25 June 2021 – Coverage

With our latest additions of Vietnam and Hong Kong, Always on Board is available in 25 countries. In over 3,300 seaports, captains will be able to handle the port call administration in less than 20 minutes instead of hours of work.

A great milestone, but it won’t stop here. It’s our believe that digitalization of the maritime industry should start with the vessels at the center. Right now, captains still struggles with the administration on board. A few quotes to illustrate the struggle of captains:

“My main jobs are navigating and safety. I cannot focus fully on these jobs because of the administrative burden.”


“I am more a secretary instead of a captain: 80% of my time I am doing administration.”

And that is why we developed the port call application. All the positive feedback we are getting from captains and shipping companies using the application is motivating us to speed up the rollout. So there is more to come, it is just the beginning! 

Are you a shipping company or a fleet manager and you like to know more on our masterplan how we put the vessel at the center of digitalization? Follow us on LinkedIn or contact us directly. We will be happy to help you!