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On our map Europe is coloring yellow more and more!

16 November 2020 – Coverage

While outside the ground is increasingly littered with discolored leaves, we are coloring our European network yellow at full speed!

With our new update Always on Board currently covers over 2,000 ports in the north-western Europe. Of which more than 50% of all major ports throughout Europe. Meaning captains can easily reduce over 2 hours on administration during each port call. At least if they are using Always on Board! And they should, because AoB becomes available in more countries.

So which ports did we connect during the last weeks?

  • Iceland: on behalf of one of our customers we added all seaports of Iceland. Within 24 hours of the request we succeeded to add these ports to our Always on Board network.
  • Multiple ports in Spain, to name a few: the ports of Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao. 
  • And also ports in European overseas territories, such as the Port of Las Palmas de Gran Canarias and the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

It won't stop there, new ports are already in sight. Don’t miss out on our new coverage updates of Always on Board and enjoy the views!